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Hello, I'm Sean M.

About Me

Hi​,​ I'm Sean McLaughlin and I love recording and mixing songs more than anybody loves anything. After working in Los Angeles for the early part of the 2000s with some notable producers (Andy Johns​,​ Jimbo Barton​,​ Carmen Rizzo) and artists (Rush​,​ Elliott Smith​,​ Marilyn Manson​,​ Death Row Records)​,​ I returned to Boston in 2004 to open my own studio​,​ 37’ Productions. Since opening​,​ I have been working on projects both regionally and nationally. Some of the artists I've worked with are Matchbox Twenty​,​ Queensryche​,​ Dirty Vegas​,​ Sarah Blacker​,​ Kristen Merlin​,​ Yoan​,​ Rafael Moreira​,​ and Dark New Day​,​ as well as ABC​,​ NBC​,​ CBS​,​ Fox​,​ MTV​,​ and ESPN. In 2014 I authored Mixing with iZotope​,​ a comprehensive mixing guide for beginner to intermediate mixers. I was named Producer of the Year by the New England Music Awards in 2013 and 2018​,​ becoming the first to achieve that honor twice. In 2019​,​ I became the first to win the Boston Music Award and New England Music Award for Producer of the Year in the same year. Currently​,​ ! am a professor in the Music Production & Engineering Department at Berklee College of Music and I mix over 200 songs a year.

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