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we are Stuvi. we stand for pro-creation. not procreation, but being pro-creation. pro-creation is the idea that intimately crafting something beautiful is an act of love. loving is creating. at Stuvi, we value a deep, soulful connection with your art. one that transforms thoughts into melodies and emotions into harmonies. the process is what makes the result. our mission is to inspire musicians through the creative process by helping them find a space that can curate endless creativity. founded by musicians and studio owners, for musicians and studio owners.

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what we do

Stuvi connects musicians with music studios. we help artists find the right studio for their vision through an affordable & safe platform with an emphasis on building community. we often host events to showcase local talents in Miami and Boston, while helping creatives build long lasting connections.

Stuvi founders

who are we?

we are musicians, and studio owners. originally from Caracas, Venezuela, brothers Mateo & Tadeo Acosta-Rubio moved to Miami and have been making music from their garage turned studio ever since. Carlos Emanuele, born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and crafting his own sound from his at-home studio, joined the team to kick off the 2024 year. while bonding over our love for music, we realized how fragmented the music industry tended to be. so we built Stuvi, to help facilitate network building and lower the barrier to entry to making music.